Tuscan Wedding Styled Shoot – Kamloops Weddings

Pssst! Did you hear?! This June the Milestone Girls expanded to Kamloops. We are now taking consultations and planning weddings in the Thompson-Nicola Valley! I was so excited to take part in our first official style shoot with the amazingly talented Kamloops vendors. This Tuscan Wedding was inspired by the beautiful rooftop of the Plaza Hotel. The desert scenery of sagebrush and grass-covered hills of the South and North Thompson River made for a beautiful view. Kathryn Learie from Owen Imaging and Danie Easton from EastoWest Productions did a phenomenal job capturing the work of each individual vendor. The Truvelle gown was chosen for its effortless, unconventional and fresh look. We could not have created this shoot without the help of all the vendors. After a great day at our shoot, why not finish with an Industry Night Out with all of our local wedding vendors? What an amazing night of great food, conversation and getting to know each vendor and their unique personalities. It was fantastic to chat with everyone and let them know what Milestone Events is all about!


Milestone Girls!








Tuscan Creative

McAnelly/Sloan Wedding August 10 2013

McAnelly/Sloan Wedding August 10 2013

McAnelly/Sloan Wedding August 10 2013


Vendor Love

Decor & Styling: Milestone Events
Photography: Owen Imaging
Videography: EastoWest Productions
Stationary: Amour & Mint
Hair & Makeup: MUAH Bridal and Event Styling
Floral: Milestone Events
Venue: The Plaza Hotel
Catering: Fireside Steakhouse and Bar
Dress: Aglow Bridal Lounge
DJ: Airwaves Music DJ
Chairs and Plants: Rogers Rental & Art Knapp
Models: LizGonzalez and Tysun Marshall

Vancouver Wedding Planners – today is a special day

It’s no secret that we celebrated a pretty big milestone of our own this year. We turned 10 years old.

But today is a pretty special day.

Today is the 9th anniversary of our very first Milestone couple. I will never forget Julia & Neil. Holy smokes, they were so young when they got hitched. And so very excited about their future.

Over the years, I have the distinct pleasure of watching them grow in love, in family, in business. They are the kind of friends that it could be years between visits but it doesn’t really matter. I knew when I met them that I would have Julia in my life for always. And so far so good. (Thank God for facebook that keeps us all connected).

Congratulations sweet friends. I owe you a debt of gratitude. You took a chance on a newbie planner, trusted your gut, and we made some memories together. You were instrumental in my career which I love as much today as I did when I started. Thank you. I can’t wait to see where the next 9 years will take you.

N & J (195)

Here we grow again! Now Hiring…

The Milestone team is currently seeking some awesome people to join our team. Available positions are as follows:

Associate Event Planner – Vancouver
Associate Event Planner – Kamloops
Warehouse & Inventory Control Manager
Set Up and Clean Up Crew

Only successful applicants will be contacted for an interview. Please email your cover letter and resume to Tanya Peters at info@milestoneevents.ca. Job Descriptions are in the links below.

Associate Event Planner – Vancouver & Kamloops
Associate Event Planner

Warehouse & Inventory Control Manager

Set Up & Strike Crew
Set Up & Strike Crew

And the winner is…

31 days.
21 contestants.
12954 combined likes.
3412 combined shares.
1079 new fans to our page.
too much love to measure.

Wow. Just. Wow.

As our 10th anniversary celebration draws to a close we feel very overwhelmed with gratitude. There have been many lessons learned, stories shared, happy tears shed, love given and received. There has been so many examples of dedication and creativity. I think what has impressed us the most is the innate goodness of people: strangers coming together in support of love and happy endings, new friends made. The other thing we have learned is that our contestants have friends and family that are very much like our own. The outpouring of love and support our contestants have received is so energy giving. Lovelies, you have no idea how many of your people wrote us privately. So many that we couldn’t even respond to them all. Some of the people that wrote us are people that you used to know in a previous life but they still felt compelled to lend their support: old high school friends, team mates, ex-coworkers, kids you have touched while volunteering. It is so remarkable to us the kind of people that you all are. We have heard story after story of random acts of kindness; complete selflessness in the most dire of situations, and generosity beyond measure. You have all had someone call you “a great friend”, or “a daughter that inspires”, “an incredible mother” or a “giving man”. You are all so loved and you probably don’t even understand the breadth of it all. It is enormous and you are all so blessed. If you take nothing else from this experience know that there is a whole community pulling for you.

Your love stories are inspiring. Some of you are hard fought and hard won. You have had to struggle to reach your happy ending but you are stronger as a result of the journey. I think a lot of couples would have cracked under the pressure, yet here you are, in love and ready to tackle the world. You have blended families, borne babies, almost lost them and then brought them home. Others have grown up together. It takes a special sort of person to fall in love in high school and have the emotional maturity to choose to grow together in the same direction. Some of you looked at each other and just knew. I believe in love at first sight. It is magic. Thank you for sharing your stories with us so openly. It is a brave thing to do. We have learned so much about you all and have gotten so emotionally attached that even though we haven’t met in person (yet!) we feel lucky to count you as friends. Regardless of the outcome (We’re getting to it, we promise!) we want to wish you all much joy. Happy wedding to all of you.

To Absolute DJs, Whisk Cakes, Darian Kovacs, Lux Portraiture. My friends. Your generosity makes us speechless. Gratitude beyond measure for your kindness in joining us in our celebration. Love you.

One of our contestants is very fond of top 10 lists. Here is ours:

1. Everyone has beautiful and inspiring story, even if you think you don’t.
2. Give a man a video camera and some German editing software and magic is made.
3. Social media is a powerful tool that can build a community.
4. Kindness is everywhere.
5. So is love.
6. There is power in pictures.
7. Hard work and dedication reaps big rewards. In love, in life, in everything.
8. My grandpa (might have been my dad…hmmm.) used to say: “you can count on two things: death and taxes”. I think we should add “strangers” and “meant-to-be-love” into the mix.
9. Given a choice people will be generous more often than not.
10. We are so very blessed that this is our job. It is the best job in the world.

We’ve had a lot to say about this experience. It’s made us crazy at times. It’s made us cry a lot. It’s made us smile even more. We have laughed again and again. We know that we are giving a really huge gift to a lucky couple but we feel that the gift that we have received in return far outweighs anything that we could have ever given. An unexpected surprise. This was the hardest decision ever. We chose based on not only the number of likes and shares, but on your own personal story and our available bandwidth to accommodate your day. Something we didn’t expect to factor in but was the most lovely surprise is what those close to you had to say.

So without further adieu we would like to congratulate our lucky couples (yes, you read that right :D):

We couldn’t pick just one guys…so here goes.

With a $500 gift certificate towards decor we would like to congratulate Cara & Steve. You two are quirky and fun and so ridiculously in love. We adore you. And your videos. And your creepy late night phone calls.

Cara & Steve

Jessica & Rob you have proven yourselves a classy and genuine couple. A front page story in the local paper and a kind heart won you a $500 decor gift certificate too.

Jessica & Rob

Amanda & Andy: your story is inspiring. More of your people have written to us about how deserving you are than any other couple in this contest. The common theme of all of their letters is that you are generous, selfless, and kind. Congratulations on your $500 gift certificate towards decor.

Amanda & Andy

With a Road Map (Day-Of) Wedding Planning package and a $1500 gift certificate towards decor we would like to congratulate Michelle & Tyler. Almost 2700 likes and a story that will stand the test of time we are so thrilled to help you plan a magical day. You have a love story that inspires us. Now will you please tell us what Keep 6 means?!

Michelle & Tyler

And we feel that it is fitting that the winner of our 10 year anniversary contest that was powered through social media used the same tool to get engaged. Jen and Matt we have no words. Your entry struck a chord. You chose to say nothing about yourself at all and everything about this man that has your heart. Your family and friends tilted the scales for us. You are both so clearly generous and kind with a selfless kind of love for each other and everyone around you. You were always the first to say something kind and positive about the other contestants and that spoke volumes to us. And it was not only us that thought these things. The Kelowna Now did too and featured you. It would be our honour to help you plan your wedding. Congratulations you two. September 16th will be a magical day.

Jen & Matt

And with that sweet friends, we say THANK YOU. This was truly one of the richest experiences of our lives and we are so grateful to you all.

All our love,

the Milestone Girls. xo

Our Big News…

For the last 5 months we have been working on a pretty big, life changing project. And we are finally ready to let you know what we have been up to! I am sure many have you seen some cryptic instagrams and facebook posts over the last month!

We are very pleased to announce our merger with Tracey Byron and Cinderella Slip-Ons. Tracey brings 14 years of dedicated and excellent customer service as well as an inventory of beautiful product and an experienced team of staff into the Milestone fold. We are so thrilled with our new direction and I hope that you can all take a moment to welcome Tracey and her team. We will be operating under both the Milestone and Cinderella name for the next year as we transition over. Next season we will be fully operational as Milestone Events. We would love to invite you to the studio so you can see all of the new inventory. Come by anytime for a glass of wine or a cup of coffee. We’d love a visit! Our online catalog will be updated soon so check www.milestoneevents.ca for some fresh things in the coming months.

We are so excited by our new venture and all the wonderful things that it brings.

Much love,

The Milestone Girls. xo

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