The Team

Tanya PetersPhoto by Jasalyn Thorne Photography

Tanya Peters


Tanya has been in the wedding and event planning industry for over 15 years. She founded Milestone Events in 2004 through which she has created many of Vancouver’s most unique and memorable events and made her one of the most sought after event planners.

Her 15+ years of event planning experience has included: teaching at Vancouver Community College; working as a venue manager and an off premise caterer.  She has also been the member of the planning committee for many local fundraising events.

wedding season diet: Plain Lay’s Potato Chips, coffee and wine

favorite moment in a wedding/event: taking a quiet moment to stand back and watch people celebrate joy and knowing that my team and I helped them to their future, celebrate a milestone or launch a new project.  What we do means something to our clients and I am lucky to do it.

a little personal: Tanya is a mom of three little chickadees, Lauren, Ben and Owen and the studio hound, Stella.  She loves wine, stilettos and power tools and can often be seen drinking, wearing, and using all three at the same time.

Cheryl Stebbings

Cheryl Stebbings

Cheryl Stebbings is known for creating an event that is glamorous, classic, sophisticated and modern. She works closely with each client to understand their vision inside and out and will source the right vendors to fit the event. She will help to build and create a cohesive with flawless planning and an eye for detail. Her professional Decor and Design background are what makes Cheryl stand out.

favorite moment in a wedding/event: Watching the grooms face when he sees the bride for the first time and taking that moment to realize how fortunate I am to be a part of making someone’s special day so memorable.

a little personal: Cheryl is a mom to 3 active boys, Jacob, Jaxon and Wyatt. You can always find her on the sidelines at a baseball or football game cheering for her boys. She loves hockey, a cold Stella and a great pair of high heels.

Adrienne Klettke

Adrienne Klettke

Adrienne has had the pleasure of producing special events in the Okanagan with brides, grooms and businesses since 2004. She has worked as both a catering and sales manager in venues and in off premise catering. Her years of experience in the food and beverage industry as a special events manager has taught her to have a high level of attention to detail, a passion for well executed events and love for décor and design. Accepting challenges is the foundation of her life and something she does with confidence and enthusiasm.

wedding season diet: Coffee, energy drinks and packages of premium plus crackers.

favorite moment in a wedding/event: My favorite moment is listening to the groom express his feelings to his new wife. It’s like they build themselves up for this moment their entire relationship but want to let each other know they’ve felt that way all along. My other favorite is finding out the little jokes and great stories that are told and feeling like you are a part of their family. It’s so sweet when the parents come to check and make sure YOU are okay, when all you are doing is ensuring their son or daughter as well as themselves are.

a little personal: I am a proud mom of two gorgeous kids, Emmalee and Deacon, as well as Romy, the kid’s furry sibling. I have a strange love for Rocky and Rambo as well as pretty much any 80’s action movie or World War II documentary. My hobbies include target shooting with rifles and shot guns, gardening and watching girly movies that make you cry.

Ashleigh is a Hospitality and Event Planning Graduate from the University of the Fraser Valley and joined the Milestone Girls in April 2013. No stranger to hard work having grown up on a farm, Ashleigh graduated top of her class this June. Her passion for all things wedding is evident in all she does and her can-do, how-can-I-help-you-no-problems-only-solutions attitude makes her an obvious choice to help clients plan their special events.

wedding season diet: chicken nuggets, white peach bellini’s and Kim Crawford sauvignon blanc.

favorite moment in a wedding/event: Being a part of such a wonderful and significant moment in a couple’s life. To know that I was able to help them in any way possible make the perfect beginning to the rest of their lives together. Also knowing that I made that day that much easier for them so they were able sit back and enjoy it is really important to me.

a little personal: Though she’s not a mother to any children (yet!) I have many animals, including 3 hounds: Molly Mae, Honeybee, and Pepper. I have competed internationally with Arabian horses since I was a young girl and currently continue to do so with a record of 12 National Championships to my name. That experience has taught me to tackle every task with confidence and equanimity. I am also a bride-to-be and marrying the love of my life in April 2014.